How to Get to Pinas Bay?

Pinas Bay is one of the most remote and popular destinations for sport fishing in the world. This lush bay, located at the southeastern tip of Panama, boasts one of the richest fishing areas in the Pacific.

Private Flights to Pinas Bay

You can fly to Pinas Bay in comfortable small planes with 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 seats, thanks to Aero Albrook, the leading private airline in Panama.

Depending on the model of the reserved aircraft, this flight can take between 1 hour and 1.5 hours from Albrook Airport (PAC) or Tocumen Airport (PTY), both located in Panama City.

Albrook Airport (PAC) to Pinas Bay

FlightsPassengersOne Way
Piper Archer
Turbo Prop
 2 | 450 pounds | 204kg$1,127.50
Piper Seneca
Turbo Prop
 4 | 700 pounds | 317kg$1,605.00
Piper Navajo
Turbo Prop
 6 | 1500 pounds | 680kg$2,407.50
Islander BN2
Turbo Prop
 6 | 1200 pounds | 544kg$2,407.50
Kodiak Quest 100
Turbo Prop
 9 | 1600 pounds | 725kg$3,078.00
Eurocopter B4
 6 | 1200 pounds | 544kg$6,420.00

Travel by Yacht to Pinas Bay

By renting one of our motherships or yachts with cabins, you can sail from Panama City, San Carlos, or from Isla San José in the Las Perlas Archipelago to Pinas Bay.

This journey can take from 6 to 12 hours, depending on the type of vessel, and is only recommended for those with plenty of time and experience in open-sea navigation.

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